February 11st, 2018, an outbond held by Scout extracurricular. This activity held to fullfill the scout’s assessment. But the most important reason why the outbond continuously held every semester, because it can build the teamwork and togetherness between all of student.

The participants which is the students of grade 11 in SMAN 3 Singkawang very excited about this activity. Because the outbond held at Eria. Eria is a tourism place that located at Nyarumkop, East Singkawang. Eria succesfully makes all of participat excited!

The outbond started in Sunday morning. Every team must have a unique cheers, usually, it called “yel-yel”. The purpose of the cheers is to test the teamwork from every team. 

There are 5 posts in this outbond. At every post, each team have to sing their cheers and do the challenges from the committees of outbond. Every team must have a good teamwork to finish the challenges. 

In the first post, every team must answer a question about Biology. Also, before that every team must finish a game. The second post is about religion. The member who are christian must answer some questions and for the member who are muslim, must did a challenge. Next, the third post is about Art Music. In this post, every member in a team must find a musical instrument from natural material. After that,they have to play it and sing a song at once.

In the fourth post, every team must answer a Mathematics question. And in the last post, every team must catch 3 fishes and guess the name.  

After finished the outbond, almost all of them play in the water with their classmate. Some teacher also come and have picnic at Eria. 

“The first thing is the teamwork between all of us. About who is the winner, that is the umpteenth number” close Alisardo Dimastoro as the Chairman of OSIS. 

All of us have the good memories from this outbond. We want to say thank you for all of people that participated in this outbond. Specially for the Scout extracurricular.  

There is a quote from @pisautajam_smanti

“We are not crazy about a champion and we are not crazy abouat a trophy. But we are crazy when we doing a competition, and the others judge us with one eye.”


Always succes for SMANTI! (AMA 11ipa1)