Singkawang-  Speaking extracurricular took a part through Spelling Bee Competition in celebrating the Language Month (Bulan Bahasa) that was held  on October 27th and 28th. By the competition on Friday 27th , 12 Science 1 was announced as the first winner, continued by  12 Science 2 as the 2nd winner, and 10  Science 2 as the 3rd winner.

There were 45 students joined this competition. Every class sent 3 students in a team to compete. It was held on the SMANTI’s badminton court under a decoration by Bengkel Sastra’s creative team. A fascinating vintage decorating theme. The questions given by the Speaking team were also challenging. Both the participants and the supporters followed the Spelling Bee eagerly. No wonder that the first rank, 12 Science 1, got a good score, 80. They pressed the bell spiritfully.

“It’s good to continue Spelling Bee Competition next year. It seems that students are interested and enthusiastic joining this English game,” said Ma’am Wirdalia, one of juries in this competition.

In this occasion, the Rocket team also showed up by their creation. The bells used in Bulan Bahasa were made by the team. Another proof that students of SMANTI are creative.

When this event were on going, the rain was downpour. The competition stopped for a while. There happened unpredicted condition to the place used. Fortunately, all teams involved, including OSIS, could helped each other and did their best to make Spelling Bee continued. Finally it ran as what the Speaking team had intended.

Bulan Bahasa is one moment which brings students to be more creative and leads them to creat a better relationship each other.