The name of SMAN 3 Singkawang successfully announced as a champion in a singing competition called “Festival Band Pelajar”. SMAN 3 Singkawang engaged 2 teams in “Festival Band Pelajar”. The competition that held in Singkawang Grand Mall succed makes the achievements list of SMAN 3 Singkawang increased.  

By singing “Indonesia Pusaka”, SMANTI Band makes the big family of SMAN 3 proud. One of SMANTI Band succeed got the first place! They are Anindhiya Restu Pertiwi (XII Science 2) as vocalist, Syarif Rio Amirul A (XII Science 2) as first guitarist, Fikri Zyanafri (XII Science 1) as second guitarist, Riza Mahendra (XII Science 1) as bassist and Tidandi Dwi P (XII Science 3) as drummer. 

“I’m really happy that we won this competition. All of our work has been paid off.” Said Anindhiya, one of member in SMANTI Band. 

“We work really hard, and I was lost my voice. But my friends support me a lot, so that I got my spirit again” she added with a little story before the competition. 

The competition that held on August 27th of 2017 followed by others school make SMAN 3’s name become more famous. And from this, SMANTI Band proved that SMAN 3 Singkawang is full by a lot of achievement. The achievement is not just in academic, but also in non-academic. 

Also, through this competition SMAN 3 Singkawang proved that our school is full by a lot of talent from the students. Because of it, the name of SMAN 3 Singkawang can be famous and will be more famous in the future.  

Let’s explore our talents and make the big family of SMAN 3 proud! (AMA)