“Ranking 1” held again in an event called “Ramah Tamah 2017”, that presented by Asrama Mahasiswa Singkawang. “Ranking 1” held at hall of SMP N 4 Singkawang, July 29th, 2017.

The system of “Ranking 1” is the participant that make a wrong answer from a question, can’t join for the next game. The most important thing is all of participant must uphold honesty and sportsmanship.

Followed by almost SMA/SMK/MA in Singkawang city, SMA N 3 also participated in “Ranking 1” with 15 students. They fight for bring up the name of SMA N 3.

SMA N 3 succesfully dominated the game! It is proven by 4 students that escaped to the TOP 6. SMA N 3 dominated again at TOP 3, with all of them are from SMA N 3. They are Annisa Maharani (XII Science 1), Sienna Airen Wijaya (XII Science 2) and Tasya Salsabilla (X Science 2).

The title of “Ranking 1” fell to Tasya Salsabilla (X Science 2). She can beat more than 100 participants and more bring up the name of SMA N 3.

When we joined for a competition and we fight for bring up the name of school, what the most important thing we need is a honesty in our heart and mind. Also a sportsmanship.

“The most important is to be honest. With honesty, you already won!” – Deny Suhendra

Congratulations, SMA N 3!